Chapter 2:
How to Get Started Billing AHCIP

3-minute read

This chapter simplifies the steps you need to take to get set up for billing in Alberta and start submitting claims successfully.

Here are some snippets and highlights from Chapter 2: 

2.1 Get your Alberta Medical Practice Permit

You will apply for your independent practice registration through physiciansapply. To start the process, choose “Application for Medical Registration” and then “AB - Review of Qualifications.” 

Helpful Tip:

The CPSA provides an excellent guide on the registration process as well as the fees you can expect to pay here.

2.2 Apply for Your Alberta Practitioner ID

All practising physicians in Alberta require a Practitioner Identification Number (Pract ID#). This 9-digit number registers you with Alberta Health and is what your colleagues will use as your referring and consultant practitioner number.  

To complete this step, you will need to fill out a Prac ID application form and email it to

2.3 Apply for Your Business Arrangement (BA) Number 

All practitioners registered with Alberta Health must have a BA Number in order to submit claims for reimbursement. 

When you sign up for Dr.Bill, you can complete and submit the BA application form electronically right through us. 

Download the full version of our Ultimate Alberta Billing Guide to learn how to apply for your BA number outside of Dr.bill or how to apply for a BA number as a locum. 

2.4 Set Up Direct Deposit

When you apply for your BA Number, you will be setting up direct deposit at the same time.

Ensure you have opened a business (versus personal) bank account for your AHCIP payments prior to setting up direct deposit. Keep in mind that banks often offer fee waivers, rebates, and other benefits specifically for healthcare professionals. 

If you’re applying for a new BA Number through Dr.Bill, we will also facilitate setting up direct deposit by requesting a void cheque from you to send in with the BA request form. 

Finance Fact:

RBC and Dr.Bill work together to provide physicians at every career stage with exclusive banking savings. Ask us if you want to learn more.

2.5 Secure Other Memberships and Privileges

Ensuring all other registrations and responsibilities are fulfilled in a timely manner can help ensure uninterrupted billing. The full version of our Guide covers these remaining 3 steps:

  1. Securing hospital privileges
  2. Updating your Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) coverage
  3. Registering with the Worker’s Compensation Board
Chapter 3: How to Use Dr.Bill