Getting paid just got easier for new doctors.


You’re a new doctor, so why bill with old technology that slows you down? Dr.Bill makes it easy for you to find the right codes, submit claims and maximize your earnings. Plus, it’s free to try for 45 days—no credit card or commitment required.

First Steps to Start Billing in Your Province

Follow these 3 steps to start billing in Ontario:

  1. Register for an OHIP billing number
  2. Set up Go Secure
  3. Designate your billing service (E.G. Dr.Bill)

3,000+ Doctors Trust Dr.Bill

We take the job of helping you get paid seriously. Our doctors have processed more than $700 million in successful claims to date through our secure platform.

Let’s Talk

Every practice is unique. We welcome your questions about how Dr.Bill would work for your setting and specialty.

This is where billing becomes a breeze.

  • Add patients in a snap

    Take a snapshot of patient labels to auto-populate patient data.

  • Submit claims in 30 seconds

    Find codes quickly and favourite the ones you use most often.

  • Receive support when you need it

    DM our billing specialists in-app for expert guidance on any claim.

  • Get paid more accurately

    See real-time alerts when when additional codes or premiums might apply.

  • Turn unpaid claims into paid claims

    Leave correcting and resubmitting rejections to us for the entirety of your free trial.

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Can I cancel Dr.Bill at any time?
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Yes. To cancel your account, contact our support team and we’ll close it down. Keep in mind that you’re only charged when you bill through our platform. If you’re taking a break or simply don’t need to use Dr.Bill right now, you can keep your account active and just use it when you need it.

In which provinces is Dr.Bill supported?
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Dr.Bill is currently available in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta.

What is the cost of Dr.Bill if I decide to continue after my free trial?
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Following your free trial, you can choose either our Full-Serve plan or Self-Serve plan with the option to switch between them at any time.

On either plan, you pay a per-claim percentage on successfully paid claims (1.95% for Full-Serve and 0.25% for Self-Serve). Please note your free trial occurs on our Full-Serve plan to give you access to all the features and billing support Dr.Bill has to offer as you start your practice.

Are there any other fees?
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Our only additional fee beyond the cost of your plan is for specialty insurance claims such as Federal Inmates and Blue Cross. There is an additional 25% admin fee for these claims.

How do I get paid?
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You get paid directly through the Ministry of Health. You can set up direct deposit through the Dr.Bill platform so that payment goes directly to your bank account. Alternatively, the Ministry will send you a cheque in the mail.

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