OHIP Billing Codes Sheet for General / Family Practitioners

Courtney Marie L.
May. 5, 2017
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For Ontario GPs and family practitioners that manage their own billing, knowing which fee code to use can be a pain. They have more than enough work to do already, and the added complexity of submitting claims to OHIP doesn’t help.

To help save time, we’ve put together a short list of the most common OHIP fee codes for family practice & practice in general. We hope this is a useful resource and lets you spend less time going through the massive fee schedule.

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Consultations & Assessments

A005 Consultation

C005 Consultation (in-patient)

A911 Special family and general practice consultation

C911 Special family and general practice consultation (in-patient)

A912 Comprehensive family and general practice consultation

C912 Comprehensive family and general practice consultation (in-patient)

A945 Special palliative care consultation

C945 Special palliative care consultation (in-patient)

A905 Limited consultation

C905 Limited consultation (in-patient)

A006 Repeat consultation

C006 Repeat consultation (in-patient)

A003 General assessment

C003 General assessment (in-patient)

A004 General re-assessment

C004 General re-assessment (in-patient)

A007 Intermediate assessment or well baby care

Subsequent Visits

C002 First 5 weeks

C007 Sixth to thirteenth week inclusive (maximum 3 per patient per week)

C009 After thirteenth week (maximum 6 per patient per month)

Periodic Health Visits

K017 Child

K130 Adolescent

K131 Adult age 18 to 64 inclusive

K132 Adult 65 years of age and older

Counselling and Meetings

K002 Family meeting, caregiver interview

K005 Primary mental health care – Individual care

K007 Psychotherapy – Individual care

K013 Counselling – Individual care

K014 Counselling for transplant recipients, donors or families of recipients and donors

K015 Counselling of relatives – on behalf of catastrophically or terminally ill patient

K032 Specific neurocognitive assessment

K040 Group counselling

K121 Hospital in-patient case conference


K035 Mandatory reporting of medical condition to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation

K038 Completion of Long-Term Care health report form

K070 Home ca
re application

K623 Form 1 – Application for psychiatric assessment

C771 Certification of death

C777 Intermediate assessment – Pronouncement of death

Telephone & e-Consultations

K730 Physician to physician telephone consultation – Referring physician

K731 Physician to physician telephone consultation – Consultant physician

K732 CritiCall telephone consultation – Referring physician

K738 Physician to physician e-consultation – Referring physician

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