New Time-Based Assessment Code for COVID-19 Therapeutics (T10046)

Tracy B.
Jul. 13, 2022
2-minute read

In order to support the time it takes to assess patients and coordinate care for COVID-19 therapeutics, a new time-based temporary fee item has been added in BC.

The new code is effective as of July 1, 2022 and is billable by any family physician or specialist:

Fee Code Description Value
T10046 Assessment for COVID-19 therapeutics

Payable for patient care related to COVID-19 treatment, including patient assessment, prescribing of COVID-19 therapeutics, completion of relevant documentation and forms, and arranging for treatment


Per 15 minutes or greater portion thereof


  • Payable to a maximum of 60 minutes (4 units) per patient per day.
  • Care may be provided in-person or by telehealth.
  • Assessment start and end times must be entered in the billing claim and patient chart.
  • Payable in addition to any visit or consult fee on the same day if medically required, provided the visit does not take place during a time interval that overlaps. (Visit start and end times must be entered in the billing claim and patient chart.)
  • T10046 is billable even when the assessment determines the patient is not a candidate for COVID-19 therapeutics.

For more information, read the original news bulletin posted on Doctors of BC.


Questions About Billing With the New Code? 

Dr.Bill and our billing specialists are ready to support code T10046. If you have any questions about billing using this time-based code or other COVID-19 related codes, contact us or direct message us right in the Dr.Bill app.

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