COVID-19 Vaccine Office Toolkit

Ashley Lane
Mar. 12, 2021
4-minute read

Doctors of BC have created a COVID-19 Vaccine Office Toolkit. These resources are for you, your patients, and your office. They will help educate your patients and be able to answer any questions and concerns. Being well-informed will bring confidence and trust to uncertain times.

1. Printables for your office

For patients 80 years and older who need to know how to access their vaccines, check out these scripts.

Printables to share with patients:



2.For your patients:

  1. Seniors COVID Vaccine Sign Up Information
  2. BC Government website  March 9th, 2021, patients can start booking their vaccines in phases, starting with 90 and older, through call centres
  3. Comprehensive FAQ for detailed information on how to book appointments
  4. Vaccine Webpage & How Seniors Sign Up in Vancouver Coastal Health
  5. How seniors sign up for the COVID-19 Vaccine in Fraser Health For non-English speaking patients

3. For you:

  1. COVID-19 vaccination toolkit
  2. Communications toolkit to support Phase 2 patients over 80 in Vancouver Coastal Health 
  3. Responding to vaccine skeptics: webinar and notes
  4. How to talk to your patients about the vaccine
  5. Communicate Effectively
  6. General information Q&A
  7. Guidance and information
  8. 20 Comprehensive  FAQ
  9. Vaccines (development, distribution and coverage, adverse reactions, and webinars)
  10. Various COVID-19 posters

If you’d like to give COVID-19 vaccines 

If you want to offer COVID-19 vaccines or non-immunization activities for your patients, register online through the COVID-19 Emergency Health Provider (EHPR). Make sure you fill out this form as completely as possible in case health authorities need to contact you. If you have any questions, check out the FAQ linked on the form or email with the subject line “COVID EHPR”. Once you’re registered, check your regional health authority’s website to stay updated.

Retired Physicians

If you’re a retired physician, The College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC announced that you can deliver the vaccines as long as you’ve been 3 years in good standing. To lend a hand all you have to do is reach out to the medical affairs department of the health authority you’d like to administer vaccines in and they’ll help you get started. You’ll be required to fill out a Consent for a Criminal Record Check form and give a copy of your BC driver’s license or other ID.  If you’re eligible, the registration process should only take 1 business day. While you’ll have to reactivate your Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) membership to protect your COVID-related work, which the health authority can help you with, emergency registration is free. For more information, contact your health authority:


Staying up to date with COVID-19 vaccination information will help you educate your patients as they look to you for trustworthy guidance. The printables offer information about the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness, and the links clarify common questions and concerns. The more information people have, the quicker and more successful the treatment will be.

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