MSP extends coverage for non-eligible patients

Ashley Lane
May. 27, 2021
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Extended until October 31st, 2021, patients without coverage that have COVID can be billed under MSP for services related to COVID-19 using patient number 9703740703. You will bill the patient’s information as:
  • First name: A
  • Surname: Coronavirus
  • Date of Birth: 08/01/1988
Beneficiaries who are eligible for MSP coverage for the date of service cannot be billed using this PHN. These patients should be billed using their own PHN after establishing their MSP coverage. Any questions about using this generic PHN can be directed to Claims Billing Support at Health Insurance BC at:  Vancouver: (604) 456-6950  Elsewhere in BC: 1-866-456-6950 You can also reach out to our team to help clarify.
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