How to Automate Your Practice: A Survival Guide for the Mobile Doctor

At Dr Bill we spend a lot of time obsessing over how to make doctors’ lives better. So we have a lot of respect for other services in the medical space that share a similar mission.

If your time is split between patient care, being on call, and managing your practice, here are seven apps that can help mobile doctors put day-to-day tasks on autopilot.

1. Use crowdsourcing to research rare conditions

Stumped by a rare condition? Figure 1 lets you (and hundreds of thousands of other users) submit, view, share, comment on, and search through images of rare conditions in its huge visual database. Ensuring patient privacy with face-blocking technology and the removal of identifying information from all images, the app is a quick way to get quick feedback on rare and textbook cases.

Compatibility: iOS and Android.

Price: Free.

2. Say goodbye to billing headaches, forever

Billing isn’t just a complex, time-sucking task. It can be a financial burden on your practice, too. The average physician in Canada fails to bill for at least 5% of the insured services they provide.

Not to toot our own horn, but we’d be remiss to not include Dr Bill in this list—an app powered by real humans that can help you do say goodbye to billing headaches for good.

With Dr Bill on your smartphone, you can snap pictures of your patient data and log claims in under 30 seconds. No more day sheets!

And our billing agents—real humans based in every province where we operate—are available to manage your claims and help you out any time you need support. If one of your claims is rejected, Dr Bill billing agents can also follow up with MSP on your behalf.

Compatibility: iOS and Android. Available in British Columbia, Ontario, and soon to be in Alberta

Price: Free.

3. Replace PubMed with “the Netflix of medical journal apps”

Looking for an alternative to PubMed? With a simple interface and a design that makes it easy to read journal articles on your phone, Case is fast becoming a preferred alternative.

The app supports 81 medical specialities and uses machine learning (its algorithm is based on Google Tensorflow) to surface new articles based on what you enjoyed reading in the past. Subscribe to a specialty or set of journals, follow over 100,000 keywords, and Case will take care of the rest.

Compatibility: iOS and Android.

Price: Free.

4. Use interactive drawings to explain procedures

Explaining medical procedures to patients can improve their health literacy, and go a long way to reducing stress. If your office doesn’t have the right equipment available to facilitate these conversations, download drawMD.

The app includes visual diagrams for nine major specialties that are mostly related to emergency and surgical care. And because the content is interactive, you can explain medical conditions and surgical procedures to your patients through drawing.

Compatibility: iOS and Android.

Price: Free.

5. Access the king of medical databases from your phone

With millions of downloads under its belt, Epocrates is the leading medical reference app on the market. The free version can help you find other providers for consults and referrals, search drug information and interaction, identify a pill based on its imprint code, and access a database of clinical practice guidelines.

Upgrade to premium to access all of Epocrates’ features including disease information, alternative medicine, ICD-10 and CPT codes, lab and diagnostic treatment, and infectious disease treatment.

Compatibility: iOS and Android.

Price: The app’s premium version costs $174.99 USD per year.

6. Get a cheap business line on your personal phone

Keep your work and personal lives separate without having to lug around two phones. Line2 lets you set up a cheap, anywhere business line on your personal mobile. In addition to making and receiving calls, you can use Line2 to send texts, forward or block calls, and make conference calls.

Compatibility: iOS and Android.

Price: From $8.30 USD per month.

7. Sleep better when you’re on call or night shift

Although Relaxing Melodies was initially developed to help insomniacs, we know a few on-call doctors who could use a bit of help catching some Zs. The app lets you pick and choose your own combination of relaxing nature sounds, songs, and melodies—whatever you need to help you doze off. And for those in-between moments when a nap isn’t feasible, Relaxing Melodies also has a collection mindfulness meditations that can put your mind to rest.

Compatibility: iOS and Android.

Price: $19.99 USD for lifetime access; $9.99 USD per month.

Dr Bill makes medical billing painless. Bill clients quickly with your smartphone, and our billing agents will take care of the rest. (Meaning you get to skip the paperwork and focus on your patients.) Try it free.