The Ultimate OHIP Billing Guide

New to OHIP Billing? Not sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place! Our OHIP Billing Guide outlines every aspect of Ontario Billing, from registration and how to get started to maximizing your earnings.

OHIP Billing Guide - Introduction.png

We understand OHIP billing can be stressful, confusing and time-consuming, but rest assured it doesn’t have to be. With mobile billing, you can save time, cut back on costs and earn more.

Why learn OHIP billing from us? We’ve built the best software-based medical billing solution in Canada, which has allowed doctors to free up their time and put their focus back on things that matter most. We not only help you earn more but we solve billing problems. Even better? We work with you to prevent them from happening altogether.

To help you get started we’ve compiled all of our expertise into this ultimate OHIP billing guide. Each chapter is outlined below so you can click on what interests you the most and start mastering billing today!


Chapter 1: Medical Billing in Ontario

Learn everything about medical billing in Ontario. From physician payment models, to submitting claims and knowing when the OHIP cut off dates are.

  • Physician Payment Models

  • Locum Tenens

  • OHIP Schedule of Benefits

  • How are Claims Submitted? (MC EDT system)

  • Payment (OHIP Cut-Off Dates)

  • Remittance Advice (RA) Report

Chapter 2: Register for an OHIP Billing Number

Make sure you’re properly registered in order to legally be able to submit claims to OHIP. This chapter walks you through registering for your independent license, OHIP billing number, Go Secure account and MC EDT.

  • Obtain Your Independent Practice License

  • How to Register for an OHIP Billing Number

  • Set up GO Secure, enrol in MC EDT and Assign a Designee

  • Register for Health Card Validation (HCV) services

Chapter 3: Using Our Medical Billing Software

Learn how to add a patient, how to add a claim and manage your rejections. We go over special features that will help automate the billing process.

  • Mobile Billing App

  • How to Add a Patient (Label Snap)

  • How to Add a Claim

  • Default Settings

  • Extra Features

  • Claim Status & Rejection Management

  • Benefits of Dr. Bill

  • Privacy & Security

  • Dr. Bill Subscription Plans

Chapter 4: Maximize Your Billing Potential

Learn how to avoid rejections, benefit from OHIP fee premiums and overall best billing practices.

  • Track Your Income

  • Understanding OHIP Fee Premiums

  • Telephone Consultations

  • General Billing Tips to Avoid Rejections

  • OHIP Billing Best Practices

  • How to Earn More & Save Time

Chapter 5: Cheat Sheets by Specialty

Knowing which codes are available in your speciality is essential in order to reduce rejections and get paid on time! Bookmark these cheat sheets for a quick reference.

  • Psychiatry Cheat Sheet

  • Internal Medicine Cheat Sheet

  • Geriatric Medicine Cheat Sheet

  • Optometry Cheat Sheet

  • Family Practice in a Long Term Care Facility Cheat Sheet

  • Anaesthesia Cheat Sheet

  • and more!

Chapter 6: Bonus Billing Resources

Billing can seem overwhelming but when you have support and automated services it’s more just about getting started. Check out our list of useful billing resources here.

  • OHIP Fee Codes

  • Important Dates

  • Printable PDFs

  • OHIP Help Centre Articles

Takeaway Tip:

Billing can seem overwhelming and nerve racking but when you have support and automated services it’s more just about getting started. If at any time you’d like to speak to one of our OHIP billing agents contact us here. No billing question is too simple or too complicated, we are here to help!