OHIP Billing Templates for Physicians

Meagan Sweeney
Aug. 7, 2022
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For use with billing agent services (Dr.Bill Concierge Plan).

To help keep your practice running smoothly, we have created OHIP billing templates that will allow for a standardized and automated process to capture your billing information. This improves accuracy, minimizes rejections, and ultimately maximizing your OHIP billing monthly revenue.

OHIP Templates

Sheet TypeDisciplineOHIP Billing SheetInstructionsRevision Date
10Internal Medicine
Single image per page
10dInternal Medicine
Double image per page
11Internal Medicine & Specialists
Locums & Outpatients
Multiple patients per page
Freehand format
12Internal Medicine & Specialists
Locums & Outpatients
Multiple patients per page & dates
Freehand format
13Internal Medicine & Specialists
Calendar Month
Freehand format
Two Week calendar
Freehand format
40dGeneral Practioner
75Medical Oncology
Five patients per page
77Medical Oncology
Seven patients per page

GIM Pocket Card

MOHLTC Claims Submission Resource

Instructions for Submission (for Concierge clients)

You can submit your billing sheet for processing without the need to physically dropping them off at our office. You have five methods for submitting your billing sheets:

Fax- You can fax your billing sheets to our secure fax server.
- Our fax number is: (416) 546-0708
Scan & EmailOur email address is:
Using a desktop scanner:
- Scan your billing sheets using a multifunction printer (MFP) at home or at work, and then sending it to us by email.
- The ideal scanning resolution is 200DPI in Black & white.
Using a mobile app scanner:
- You can use a popular scanning apps on your smartphone to capture your billing sheets, and then sending it to us by email.
- A popular scanning app you can use is Tinyscan or TurboScan.
Scan/FTP- Using a desktop scanner, you can scan your billing sheets using a multifunction printer (MFP) at home or at work, and then transferring it to us using FTP.
- The ideal scanning resolution is 200DPI in Black & white.
- If you are interested in submitting using FTP, please contact us to create your login/password on our server.
Drop off at our office
1235 Bay Street, Suite 700
Toronto, Ontario, M5R-3K4

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday: 9:00am-5:00pm
Electronic Submission
mobile app, web portal, or spreadsheet
Receive a discount on our fees when you submit electronically through:
- Mobile billing app 
- Web portal desktop software
- Spreadsheet
You can use the mobile app solely for capturing the patient information and then create claims using a desktop computer using a full keyboard.

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General Surgery OHIP Billing Cheat Sheet

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