Medical Billing Specialist


  • A job that gives you the flexibility to work where & when you want?
  • A job that rewards you for doing quality work, but isn't concerned about how long you sat in your seat?
  • Working with technology and learning new things?
  • Working independently, but contributing to a motivated team?

We're looking for an experienced Billing Agent to join our team to help our customers in Ontario. The ideal candidate would be experienced billing for a variety of physician practice areas and is familiar with the OHIP fee schedule, processes and supporting practices & documentation to make a physician's billing smooth. Ideally, you get energized by talking to customers & solving their billing problems with a smile.

Does this sound like you? Read on.


Your primary responsibility will be to take care of our Ontario customers by answering their billing questions, solving issues with their billing and managing their rejected billing claims. Your goal is to make the process easy for them. You'd also be working with our Operations and Software teams to provide feedback on how we can improve our processes and software. You'll be the 'market expert' we rely on to understand the unique needs of the Ontario market.

Your job will be remote, meaning you can work from home, the beach or the local coffee shop. You'll have some core responsibilities and availably/response objectives, but otherwise how you get the job done will be up to you. We collaborate & communicate primarily using software tools, but you will be required to be available by phone from time to time (on your schedule).

To start we're looking for someone part-time who can ramp up with us as the business grows, eventually becoming a permanent member of the team. Compensation is $16-$20/hour + phone allowance depending on experience & expertise.


  • 3 or more years experience managing a physician's OHIP billing, ideally across multiple specialties.

  • Digital/Computer skills - you must be comfortable working with computers and various types of software. We are a software company after all.
  • Your own computer (to start, then we'll provide one).

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About us

Dr. Bill is a mobile billing app for Canadian physicians. Dr. Bill is the easiest way to bill your fee-for-service patient care when you're away from the office. Be it rounding in the hospital, seeing patients in clinics, or working in the OR. Snap a picture & log a claim in under 30 seconds. We are Canada's only full-service, easy-to-use, software-based medical billing service. Use our iOS or Android app as you go through your day - all your billing records are saved instantly. Use our web portal to see how many claims you submitted and what you got paid. You'll also get advice on how you can bill more effectively. With our secure servers based in Canada, you can be certain that your medical billing records are safe. Along with our easy to reach staff and billing agents, you can see us as a seamless extension of your practice.