2019 MSP Cut-Off Dates, Payment & Remittance Schedule

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MSP Cut-Off Date Remittance Payment
Jan. 3rd, 2019Jan. 11thJan. 15th
Jan. 21st, 2019Jan. 29thJan. 31st
Feb. 5th, 2019Feb. 13thFeb. 15th
Feb. 15th, 2019Feb. 26thFeb. 28th
Mar. 5th, 2019Mar. 13th, Mar. 15th
Mar. 19th, 2019Mar. 27thMar. 29th
Apr. 3rd, 2019Apr. 11thApr. 15th
Apr. 16th, 2019Apr. 26thApr. 30th
May 3rd, 2019May 13thMay 15th
May 21st, 2019May 29thMay 31st
Jun. 4th, 2019Jun. 12thJun. 14th
Jun. 18th, 2019Jun. 26thJun. 28th
Jul. 3rd, 2019Jul. 11thJul. 15th
Jul. 19th, 2019Jul. 29thJul. 31st
Aug. 2nd, 2019Aug. 13thAug. 15th
Aug. 20th, 2019Aug. 28thAug. 30th
Sept. 3rd, 2019Sept. 11thSept. 13th
Sept. 18th, 2019Sept. 26thSept. 30th
Oct. 2nd, 2019Oct. 10thOct. 15th
Oct. 21st, 2019Oct. 29thOct. 30th
Nov. 4th, 2019Nov. 13thNov. 15th
Nov. 19th, 2019Nov. 27thNov. 29th
Dec. 3rd, 2019Dec. 11thDec. 13th
Dec. 17th, 2019Dec. 24thDec. 31st

*Claims may take up to 48 hours to be submitted to MSP due to eligibility checks and processing.

How do MSP cutoff dates work?

MSP processes claim submissions in batches (2 each month). 

All claims submitted before 7pm on cut-off days will be on your next remittance.* Anything past 7pm will be processed in the next cycle.

Remittances are typically posted 7-10 days after the cut-off date. Payments go out a few days after.


Imagine today is Thursday, January 19th. You were last paid on the 13th, and the previous cut-off date was January 3rd.

All claims that you have submitted since the 3rd (up until 7pm today) will be processed for this cycle. The remittance for this cycle will be posted on Friday, January 27th and you will be paid on Tuesday the 31st.

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