Double Your Dr.Bill Credit!


A colleague has referred you to Dr.Bill – and we’re extra happy you’re here. Receive our standard $150 billing credit* plus an extra $150 billing credit** for being referred when you sign up for our Comprehensive Plan.


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Check out the features the 8,000+ physicians who use Dr.Bill enjoy most:

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    Add patients in a snap

    As new patients roll in, Dr.Bill keeps up. All it takes is a simple snap of a patient’s label to add their profile information.

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    Bill throughout your day

    With Dr.Bill, you can tap into the medical billing app any time to create and submit a claim.

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    Find the right codes quickly

    We make it easy to search for codes and to favourite the ones you use most often, saving you time.

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    Get helpful tips

    In-app alerts let you know when an additional code or premium might apply to help ensure you’re paid accurately.

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    Live support

    Billing experts can answer your questions via in-app DM as well as investigate, remedy and resubmit all rejected claims on your behalf.

Software That’s On Your Side

Dr.Bill is like having a medical billing specialist in your back pocket, designed to improve how you bill at every step.

  • I am a one-person team, so it is invaluable to me that Dr.Bill offers a billing support team. It’s like having my own medical billing assistant whenever I need help.
    Dr. Daffer Ghanim, Emergency Medicine
  • Your billing experts have excellent province-specific experience and it’s reassuring to talk to someone who is super knowledgeable.
    Alex Chesley, Family Medicine
  • I had nearly 50% of my submissions rejected, but Dr. Bill conveniently followed up on them for me. It’s the most user-friendly service I have come across.
    Dr. Allison Bingham, Paediatrics
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How does the Double Your Credit offer work?
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Dr.Bill customarily offers a $150 billing credit on our Comprehensive Plan to all doctors who would like to try Dr.Bill risk-free.* Because you have a colleague who has referred you to Dr.Bill, you will receive an additional $150 billing credit** for a total billing credit of $300.

What is the cost of Dr.Bill if I decide to continue after my credit is depleted?
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Following the depletion of your billing credit, you can continue on our Comprehensive Plan at a price of 1.95% of paid claims per billing cycle. 

You also have the option of switching to another one of our Dr.Bill Plans. Simply contact us to make the switch.

Does Dr.Bill support my specialty?
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Yes! No matter what your specialty is, you’ll find billing fast and easy with Dr.Bill. If you have multiple specialties, you can add them to your profile so you can easily bill under the relevant specialty every time.