New Submission Process for AOP forms

Ashley Lane
Jul. 24, 2021
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An important change is being implemented by the Ministry of Health and Health Insurance BC in the process for submitting ‘Diagnostic Facilities Services’ Assignment of Payment & Medical Director Authorization (AOP) forms.’ This change comes a result of electronic system security requirements.

As of July 26th, 2021, anyone submitting Diagnostic Facilities Services AOP forms has to be authenticated through a mobile BC Services Card. This authentication is required of both health authorities and privately-owned facilities that are eligible to bill MSP for provision of restricted outpatient diagnostic services. 

How to Submit AOP Forms

Now, when you submit an AOP form, you’ll use your mobile BC Services Card as proof of your identity online when accessing the Diagnostic Services/AOP Upload Tool. A mobile BC Services Card is a digital ID on your mobile device. The mobile BC Services Card is secure, fast, and simple. 

If you don’t have one already, you’ll have to set up a mobile BC Services Card before submitting forms. 

The only personal information you have to provide to authenticate with a mobile BC Services Card is your first and last name. Once you’ve authenticated with your mobile BC Services Card, the AOP form itself is the same as before, as well as the process for uploading documents.

If you’re submitting an AOP form you should set up a BC Services Card Mobile ID before July 26th, 2021, to avoid interrupted payment for outpatient diagnostic facility services approved to be billed to the Medical Services Plan.

Being informed about the AOP form submission process will provide you a secure, fast, and simple way to avoid delayed payments.

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