How the New Alberta Fee Codes are Updated on Dr. Bill

The new Alberta fee codes are automatically available on Dr. Bill, they will appear on any claim with a ‘Date of Service’, on or after November 1st. If the ‘Date of Service’ is set before November 1st, it will show the old code along with its expiry date.

Any claims that are have already been submitted to AHCIP with the old fees but after November 1st, will come back as adjustments and our billing team will automatically handle them for you.

‘Date of Service’ Example

Please look at the both photos and note the dollar amount difference.

On November 1st


On October 31st


Favourites by Date

Some “favourites” will only show up if the ‘Date of Service’ is within the active date range for that Fee Code (so either before or after November 1st).

This means you should update your “Favourites” with the newer Fee Codes.

To do this, search for a Fee Code without putting in the ‘Date of Service’ (our system will assume you want the most up-to-date info), or with the ‘Date of Service’ set to today.

Then, add it to your Favourites by clicking on the star.

‘Date of Service’ – Modifiers

Depending on the ‘Date of Service’, some modifiers may not be available. For example, Alberta Health no longer allows the BMIANT modifier on 93.69A after November 1st, 2018. Please see the example below.

Before November 1st

93.69a_before_nov_1 (1).png

After November 1st


If you have any questions regarding the new fee codes, please contact us here.

If you’re curious to what exactly the new fee codes are, you can check them out through the following links below.

New Alberta Fee Codes for:

All Physicians

General Practice
Internal Medicine

General Surgery

Obstetrician Gynecologist

Critical Care


Plastic Surgery

You can refer to the Schedule of Medical Benefits for complete details.