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During Beta, each month we'll only charge 1% (regularly 1.95%)  of your paid claims that were submitted through our service. 


Pain-Free Alberta Health Billing

Our service makes medical billing simple for doctors. No more paper, index cards or clunky software. Save time, boost productivity, and earn more. 

     • Trusted by over 1,500 doctors
     • Over 80,000 claims processed per month
     • 97% payout success rate

What Our Customers Think

"I love the label snap! This is by far the fastest way for me to capture my billing information. I also really like being able to see how much I earned and what to expect on my next remittance."

Michael Schachter
Internal Medicine, Island Health

"Before Dr. Bill I didn't realize how inefficient my old billing process was. Instead of doing my billing in batches at the end of the week, I now do it in real-time and it's far easier."

Melanie Brown
Nephrologist, Fraser Health

Limited Time Pricing

Dr Bill Pricing


During Beta, each month we'll only charge 1% (regularly 1.95%)  of your paid claims that were submitted through our service. It's that simple - we only get paid when you get paid.


Save lots of time every day

Take your evenings & weekends back. 74% of our customers report saving time using Dr. Bill.

  • Log claims in real-time

  • Favourite your most commonly used codes

  • Duplicate past claims with today's date of service

  • Bill multiple patients at once

  • Leave the rejections to us

Boost productivity and earn more

Nearly half of our customers are earning more money using Dr. Bill. We make sure you get paid for the work you do. 

  • We typically recover more money each month than the cost of our service - Dr. Bill doesn't cost, it pays

  • Billing tips help you make the right decisions when logging claims

  • Our expert staff will coach you and help you bill

“I want to thank you for your amazing work, which has literally changed my practice life.”
— Dr. Dawn Dewitt, Internal Medicine Specialist


Secure Claim Management

Manage claims on our secure system.

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Forget data entry - log claims with your phone.

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