Neurology diagnostic & therapeutic procedures G545 - - professional component ... per unit

General Info

Billing Amount: $0.00


Videotape recording of clinical signs in association with spontaneous EEG. Unit means ¼ hour or major part thereof. See General Preamble GP5 for definitions and time-keeping requirements. Payable at nil if claimed with any baseline EEG.


EEG services (i.e. G414, G415, G418, G541, G543, G540, G545, G542, G546, G554, G555, or G544) are not eligible for payment with any overnight or daytime sleep study (i.e. J898, J899, J990, J896, J897, J895, J890, J889, J893 or J894).

G540 and G545 are each limited to a maximum of 12 units.