Critical care diagnostic & therapeutic procedures G804 - Physician in hyperbaric unit but not in chamber(s) with patient(s), per session per patient - first ¼ hour

General Info

Billing Amount: $71.85


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is the service rendered when a physician administers and supervises HBOT. Time is calculated based on the period of physician supervision while each patient receives HBOT inside the chamber. The specific elements of HBOT are those of an assessment, including ongoing monitoring of the patient's condition and intervening as appropriate.


1. A consultation or assessment is eligible for payment with HBOT when rendered.
2. If the physician is in the chamber, time calculated for HBOT may include time the physician devotes to separately billable interventions rendered to a patient provided that such interventions take place in the chamber during a period of continuous, uninterrupted HBOT.

1. If the physician is outside the chamber, the time eligible for payment of HBOT does not include time spent rendering any separately billable intervention(s) during which the HBOT is interrupted or discontinued.
2. For multi-patient sessions, the time eligible for payment of HBOT is measured as the period of physician supervision (either inside or outside of the chamber) for each patient, subject to payment rule #2.

The service is eligible for payment only if the start and stop times of the service are recorded in each patient's permanent medical record.

1. HBOT is insured only for the treatment of those internationally recognized indications approved by the ministry.
2. HBOT is only eligible for payment for idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss (ISSHL) when the following conditions are met:
a. The patient is treated concurrently with corticosteroid unless corticosteroids are contraindicated; and
b. The treatment is initiated within 14 days of a diagnosis of ISSHL is made or confirmed by an Otolaryngologist.