Allergy diagnostic & therapeutic procedures G700 - Basic fee-per-visit premium for procedures marked(')

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Billing Amount: $5.60


Services listed in the Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures Section are eligible for payment in addition to a consultation or assessment except where they are specifically listed as included in consultation or assessment services. When a procedure(s) is the sole reason for a visit, add G700, the basic fee-per-visit premium for those procedures marked (') regardless of the number of procedures carried out during that visit. However, G700 is not eligible for payment to a physician in situations where: 1. a consultation or assessment is payable to the same physician for the same patient on the same day; and 2. that physician has a financial interest in the facility where the service is rendered.


1. G700 is not eligible for payment for a service provided in a hospital.
2. G700 is not eligible for payment when the service marked with (') is not eligible for payment.
3. G700 is payable at 15% of the listed fee when the service is rendered to a patient who has signed the Ministry's Patient Enrolment and Consent to Release Personal Health Information form and who is enrolled to a physician or group of physicians who are signatories to a Ministry alternate funding plan agreement paying physicians primarily by capitation rather than fee for service, applicable regardless of which physician of the group renders the service to the enrolled patient.

If a patient presents for an allergy injection and has an acute infectious condition, albeit of the respiratory system, or some other unrelated condition which would have otherwise required a separate office visit, the physician is entitled to claim the appropriate assessment fee as well as the injection fee. If a patient requires a brief assessment of his allergic condition as well as the allergy injection, the physician should claim the injection and the basic fee, in which case the specific elements of the service include those of an assessment (see General Preamble GP11).

Pre-Amble References:

Please reference the billing pre-amble for these relevant interpretations of this billing code:

  • See General Preamble GP11
  • See General Preamble GP11