Genetics K016 - Genetic assessment, patient or family … per unit

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Billing Amount: $74.05


A Genetic Assessment is a time based service that requires interviewing the appropriate family members, collection and assessment of adequate clinical and genetic data to make a diagnosis, construction/revision of a pedigree, and assessment of the risk to persons seeking advice. It also includes sharing this information and any options with the appropriate family members. Time units are calculated based on the duration of direct contact between the physician and the patient or family. Unit means ½ hour or major part thereof - see General Preamble GP5, GP37 for definitions and time-keeping requirements.


This service is limited to 4 units per patient per day.

Pre-Amble References:

Please reference the billing pre-amble for these relevant interpretations of this billing code:

  • See General Preamble GP5
  • See General Preamble GP37

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