Digestive system surgical procedures S197 - Multivisceral transplant - recipient, without evisceration

General Info

Billing Amount: $7,934.35

Anesthetic units:


Surgical Assist units:


Billing Additions

Code Description Amount
E807 recipient, with evisceration, to S197 . . . add $2,644.75


S197 must include transplant of the small bowel and liver, with or without transplant of the duodenum, stomach, pancreas and large bowel.

Surgical fees for transplant procedures represent payment in full for the surgical services required to perform the described procedure. In the event the transplant procedure described by S201/S202/S196/S197 is performed by more than one surgeon, only one surgical service is eligible for payment; the components of the surgical service are not divisible among the physicians for claims purposes.

Where the surgical service is performed by more than one surgeon, the physicians are responsible for apportioning payment amongst themselves.