R879 - Subintimal dissection for recanalization of iliac/aorta arterial occlusive disease

General Info

Billing Amount: $759.60

Anesthetic units:


Surgical Assist units:


Billing Additions

Code Description Amount
E815 angioplasty remote from subintimal dissection site, to R878 and R879 . . . Add $398.15


R879 is not eligible for payment same patient same day as R783, R784, R785, R860 or R861.

R878 and R879 include catheter placement, angiography and any image guidance. Obtaining and interpreting any images in conjunction with R878 and R879 are not eligible for payment to any physician.

Bilateral procedures for R878 or R879 are payable only as separate services when subintimal dissection is performed using separate bilateral incisions.