Endocrinology & metabolism A760 - Complex endocrine neoplastic disease assessment

General Info

Billing Amount: $90.75


This service is an assessment in relation to one or more of the following diseases where the complexity of the condition requires the ongoing management by an endocrinologist: a. thyroid neoplasm; b. parathyroid neoplasm; c. pituitary neoplasm; or d. adrenal neoplasm.


A760 must include the elements of a medical specific re-assessment, or the amount payable will be adjusted to a lesser assessment fee.

A760 is limited to 6 per patient, per physician, per 12 month period and up to 12 per patient per physician for 24 consecutive months. Services in excess of this limit will be adjusted to a lesser assessment fee.

E078 is not eligible for payment with A760.

A760 is not payable for the evaluation and/or management of uncomplicated endocrine disorders.