Ophthalmology 02199 - Posterior vitrectomy with 2 or 3 port infusion cutting device. includes membrane peel and/or dissection

General Info

Billing Amount: $910.84

Surgical Code

Anesthetic Level:



A maximum of two additional fee items can be charged in addition to S02199: S22199, S22200, S22201, S22202, S22203. Or fee items S02174 or S02169 may be billed at 50% in substitution for one of the above, where applicable:

Unless otherwise noted, all fees apply to single eye. Second eye is billable as per operative surgical fee Preamble, clause D. 5. 3.

Pre-Amble References:

Please reference the billing pre-amble for these relevant interpretations of this billing code:

See Pre-Amble Notes

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