General surgery 77104 - Removal of synthetic graft - with replacement at a different site

General Info

Billing Amount: $0.00


(payable at 75% of the current fee listed for the initial insertion), extra to the replacement graft.


Repeat Vascular Surgery:
i) Same procedure within 24 hours - 75% of listed fee
ii) Same procedure after 24 hours - see repeat surgery Items 77043, 77112 and applicable notes.

77100, 77102, 77104 are payable only where more than 21 days have elapsed since insertion and where more than 50% of the graft is removed.

77043 is not payable in addition to 77100, 77102, 77104 nor to the replacement graft where removal also is claimed.

iii) Initial graft procedure fee code should be submitted with claim as a note record.
iv) Anesthetic procedural fee should be claimed in equity with that listed for the initial insertion (for 77100), and in equity with that listed for the replacement graft (for 77102, 77104).