General surgery 72673 - Transanal endo. micro. resection of rectal tumour

General Info

Billing Amount: $917.67

Surgical Code

Anesthetic Level:



Paid only if a sealed and insufflating operating proctoscope is employed with visualization via an endoscopic camera (not under direct vision).

Not paid with 70683, 72669, 72670 and 72671.

Resection of one additional lesion is payable at 50% only if complete removal, repositioning and reinsertion of the insufflating operating proctoscope is required.

iv) If procedure is converted to open, bill under the appropriate open procedure at 100% and 04001 at 50%.
v) Fee items SY00715, SY10714, SY00716 and SY00718 are included if done at the same time.
vi) Restricted to General Surgery.