Plastic surgery 61320 - Excision of malignant lesions-10-50cm - extra

General Info

Billing Amount: $60.45

Surgical Code

Anesthetic Level:



For excision of malignant and pre-malignant lesions, when the recipient area requires skin flaps, full thickness grafts or split thickness grafts for closure, use the following fee items for excision in addition to the fees for skin flaps or grafts. For defects less than 10 cm2 (3cm x 3cm), payment is made for closure only.

Restricted to Plastic Surgery.

Not paid with direct linear closure fees (P61310-P61318).

iii) For areas >10 cm2.iv) Maximum 3 services paid per patient, per sitting, regardless of number performed.
v) Paid in addition to skin flaps, split-thickness graft or full-thickness grafts (where applicable).
vi) Paid with P61319 (when applicable).