Cardiology 33034 - Graded exercise test

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Billing Amount: $77.66


Performance and interpretation


This test involves controlled graduated exercise levels by the use of either a bicycle or treadmill ergometer or pharmaceutical agents, with continuous electrocardiographic monitoring during and after exercise. At least two exercise work levels must be measured, exclusive of a warm-up period, and reproducible exercise and post exercise records must be obtained.

When a 12-lead cardiogram is done on the same day as the graded exercise test, it is included in Item 33034.

A graded exercise tolerance test may be repeated once within one year to assess the functional capacity of the patient after recovery from coronary bypass surgery and to assess the effect of therapy where exercise has produced a serious ventricular rhythm disturbance. In all other circumstances, where graded exercise tests are repeated within one year, a letter of explanation for the need will accompany the account to the Plan, except in conjunction with thallium myocardial scans where a graded exercise test may be performed and charged with each scan.

Where the exercise stress test (33034, 33035, 33036) and exercise echocardiogram (08662) are performed by the same physician, the stress test will be paid at 50 percent.

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