Otolaryngology 25300 - Endoscopic stereotactic resection of intranasal

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Billing Amount: $1,038.57

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Fee items 25300 and 25301 are payable only when pre-operative radiological imaging indicates either distorted anatomy of the sinuses secondary to disease or injury, or revised complex anatomy resulting from prior surgery, such that without stereotactic guidance, the surgery could not be performed.

Not payable for ethmoid disease, polypectomy or tumors affecting only one sinus.

Includes all surgery necessary to access tumor.

iv) Payable only when rendered in acute-care facility.
v) Time over seven hours is payable under fee item 25301
vi) Minimum of 3 hours surgery duration required to bill fee item 25300.
vii) A written report must be submitted with claims billed under these items.

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