Plastic surgery 06293 - Bone graft jaw, autologous

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Billing Amount: $537.86

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Guidelines for compounded facial fractures:
1) a. When fractures of the zygoma, the orbital floor and medial wall are compounded into the sinuses, no additional fee should be paid for these fractures.
b. When fractures of the maxilla and mandible involve the dento-alveolar tissues, and are compounded, no additional fee should be paid (this would include fractures into the tooth socket where a tooth is lost or a fracture into a partially erupted wisdom tooth, or a diastasis to two teeth at the fracture site where the compounding component does not extend further than the dento-alveolar area).
2) Significant external compounding of facial fractures is recognized as a factor which compromises the treatment and possible outcome of patients with these injuries. Treatment of these fractures should be billed at 150% of the pertinent listed fee. Operative notes should accurately describe such an injury to support these billings when submitted to MSP.
3) Fractures of the maxilla and mandible with intraoral compounding beyond the dento-alveolar bone, therefore exposing basal bone, complicates treatment and possible outcome. These injuries should be billed at 150% of the listed fee (eg: degloving of the maxilla or mandible).