The Ultimate Guide to MSP Billing

Whether you’re a new grad, moving to BC from another province, or just starting out in fee-for-service, there’s a lot to grasp when billing in BC.

To help out, we’ve put together this guide that walks you through each step of MSP medical billing, from the general teleplan process to maximizing your claims and using mobile billing.

In a digital world, medical billing no longer has to be time-consuming and confusing. At first, it may feel overwhelming and nerve racking but when you have support and automated services it’s more just about getting started and jump-starting the learning curve.

Each chapter is outlined below so you can click on what interests you the most or read it over once in its entirety to really understand the ins and out of MSP billing.


Chapter 1: BC Medical Billing

  1. Canadian Payment Models 

  2. Locum Work 

  3. The Payment Schedule & the General Preamble

  4. How BC Medical Billing Payments are Processed 

  5. Getting Paid 

  6. MSP Remittance Advice (RA) Report

  7. Claims Error Report

  8. Overage Claims

Chapter 2: How to register for your MSP Billing and Payment

  1. How to Get/Renew Your Independent Practice License

  2. Apply for Your MSP Billing Number 

  3. Connect Your Billing Number to a Data Centre

    • MSP Practitioner Number vs Your MSP Payee Number  

    • Teleplan Application

    • New Payee Number 

    • Assignment of Payment

    • Incorporated Payee #

    • Common Payee Number Questions 

  4. MSP Billing and Payment: Setting up Direct Deposit 

  5. Other Registration Forms 

    • Assigned In-patient Care Network Registration form 

    • Unassigned In-Patient Incentive

    • GPSC Maternity Network Registration Form 

  6. Register for Work Safe BC & ICBC Claims

Chapter 3: How to submit claims through our MSP Billing Software

  1. How to Add a Patient (Label Snap)

  2. How to Add a Claim

    • Selecting a Billing Code

    • Selecting a ICD9

  3. Call Outs & Continuing Care

  4. Out of Province Claims/Reciprocal Claims

  5. Private Invoices

  6. How to Submit WorkSafe Claims

  7. Automated Billing Features

  8. Rejection Management

  9. Error Codes

  10. The Status of Your Claim

  11. Dr. Bill Pricing Plans

  12. Privacy & Security

Chapter 4: MSP Billing Tips to Maximize your Earnings and Reduce Rejections

  • 5 ‘Addiction Medicine Fee Codes’ available in BC

  • General Internal Medicine

  • Neurology

  • Obstetrics

  • Residential Care

Chapter 5: MSP Broadcast Messages

  • New Pediatric fee codes

  • New Cardiology Fee Codes

  • The Anesthesia Modifier P01169

  • The 2019 GPSC Incentive Changes Explained

Extra: MSP Billing Resources

  • MSP Fee Code Database

  • MSP Diagnostic Codes for GPs

  • Explanatory Codes

  • MSP Cut-off Dates

  • The Dr. Bill Blog

  • MSP Help Centre Articles

  • The Better Billing Newsletter

Takeaway Tip:

Billing can seem overwhelming and nerve racking but when you have support and automated services it’s more just about getting started. If at any time you’d like to speak to one of our MSP billing agents contact us here. No billing question is too simple or too complicated, we are here to help!