The Better Billing Newsletter (BC) – May's Issue


The Better Billing Newsletter (BC)– May’s Issue

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In May’s issue of the Better Billing Newsletter we went over common mistakes when billing consults & visits, an important billing reminder, and some new MSP fee codes.   

So, in case you missed it, here it is again:


Billing Tips: Avoid these Common Mistakes for Consults/Visits: 

  1. Don’t bill more than 3 Directive care codes in a week.

  2. Don’t forget to leave a note for multiple visits on the same day (otherwise MSP will think it’s a duplicate claim).

  3. Don’t log ‘out of office premiums’ on Emergency visits as these fee codes are designed to include your call out and thus are already included in the fee. 

Billing Reminder: 

Conferencing calls are not applicable across provinces, as MSP currently has no reciprocal agreements when speaking to physicians who are not working in BC (this includes psyche family counselling).

Copy of Black woman doctor on the phone and reading x-ray scans

New Fee Codes 

MSP introduced new fee codes for cardiology and plastic surgery

Cardiology Codes

33072 (a surgical fee code): $900  
33020 (a management/supervision fee code): $62.41 weekly 

Plastic Surgery Fee Code

(Fee Code & Amendments for Transgender Patients) 

61053 (Bilateral Breast Construction) $772.73 
61054 Amendment (Bilateral Mastectomy) $1465.27 


May's Tutorials 

1. Rural Locations 

On the iPhone app you can now set a rural location on each claim. This will help make sure you always qualify for rural premiums.


2. Shared Claims 

If you haven’t heard already, you can now share claim details for your phone calls and patient conferences with all participating colleagues. 

You can do this on your iPhone or on the Web App


Keep Learning

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This month's suggestions: 

👉  Sudoku seizures: A 25-year-old man is in a rehab hospital following a hypoxic brain injury he sustained in a skiing accident. Several weeks into his recovery, he begins to experience clonic seizures of his left arm from one unusual trigger: Sudoku...  

👉 Part I of III: Dangers of poor sleep, Alzheimer’s risk, mental health, memory consolidation, and more: "I think that sleep may be one of the most significant lifestyle factors that determines your risk ratio for Alzheimer's disease." — Matthew Walker, Ph.D.


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