Locum Tenens Checklist

Kristen Campbell
July 21, 2020

Do you have everything you need to start work as a locum? Double check using this easy to use checklist!

1 to 3 months before deciding to take on a locum role:

  • Research what locum work looks like in your specialization
  • Research what kind of locum hours/duties you can expect in your specialization
  • Decide how much locum work will fit into your lifestyle
  • Decide whether you will be able to manage locum work in addition to your full time position or whether you’ll be doing locum work full time instead
  • Decide if you’re willing to travel
  • Research locum work for your specialization in other provinces, cities, or abroad
  • Look at job postings through locum agencies, locum job boards, classifieds, or other job search websites and start applying
  • Select a role that is a good fit for you
  • Prepare and sign a locum tenens physician agreement

In the time after you’ve chosen a locum role:

  • Incorporate your locum practice or register for a sole proprietorship
  • Register for a GST number
  • Budget for your next year’s taxes/set a % of locum pay to put aside
  • Apply for any Visas/research immigration policies for roles abroad
  • Set a time to do a patient handoff with the existing physician
  • Introduce yourself to the other physicians and administrative staff in your new office
  • Obtain any required keycards/passwords for office or software access
  • Prepare your billing information
  • Check that you have all the equipment/materials you need in the exam or operating room

On your first day:

  • Direct any questions you have to the right medical and administrative staff
  • Read over patient files and do research on the previous physician’s style of practice
  • Trust your own medical practice experience
  • Prepare any administrative procedures beforehand so you don’t have to rush
  • Be adaptable with your time and don’t rush!

Don’t forget to negotiate your contract!