MC EDT Registration

What is MC EDT?

About 70% of doctors in Canada work under a fee-for-service (FFS) model, in which you submit 'invoices' of who you saw and what you did to the Ministry of Health, who then reimburses you for the health care services you’ve provided. These invoices are better known as “claims” and in Ontario, claims need to be submitted through the medical claims electronic data transfer (MC EDT) system. It is the only system that can be used to transfers claims to the Ontario Health ministry.

How do I Register?

When get your OHIP billing number you will also receive a letter from the ministry of health that outlines the next steps in registering; completing your GO Secure, and registering for MC EDT.

The exact steps for registering with MC EDT are:

  1. Go to the GO Secure login page

  2. Sign in with your GO Secure ID and password and type in your unique identifiers (included in your letter).

  3. Confirm enrolment for MC EDT by selecting the indicated link to go to the GO Secure Login screen again.

  4. Sign in with your GO Secure ID and password to go to the Administration and MOHLTC Services page.

If you're planning to use Dr. Bill for your claim submissions:
the final step is to add Dr. Bill as a designee.

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