Common Billing Mistakes: MSP Fee Code 00083

In this series we're covering common billing mistakes and how to avoid them. This will save you from potential headaches with rejected billings, and help you get paid for your services faster.

Last time we looked at MSP fee code 00082 – today we'll continue with 00083 (Critical care monitoring)

When to bill this code

Doctors can bill 00083 when a physician is called to provide continuous medical assistance at the exclusion of other services in periods of personal or family crisis. 

Tips for billing & mistakes to avoid

This fee code is diagnostic code specific and only applies in the following situations, and must be entered in the e-note.

  1. Rape – Assault  DX: 10A
  2. Sudden Bereavement DX: V790 – billed to survivor
  3. Suicidal Behavior  DX: 30920
  4. Acute psychosis, DX: 293 – or any of the 239-311 codes would suffice

This fee code is not a stand alone item and must be billed with a visit. The timing of the visit must precede the 00083.
-        Visit or counselling – is considered first ½ hour of care
-        Consult/CPS – is considered the first 1 hour of care
-        **Continuing care is payable with this fee code
Example: Patient is assaulted and distraught – time spent with them is from 1400 – 1600
13200 – enter times 1400-1430.
00083 – enter times 1430-1600, e-note: “1430-1600 – assaulted/alleged”